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PUSH The Envelope and Take Your Business to New Heights.

Whether you're a business owner, manager, or executive, surrounding yourself with other successful people will give you the leg up to propel your business to places you may have only dreamed of. No great success was ever accomplished alone.

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No More Lone Ranger Syndrome With Your Personal Board of Directors

Whether coaching or in a mastermind group, you're not alone. You always have support in making decisions, generating ideas and solving problems.

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Eliminate Distractions That Consume Your Time and Energy

It's the little things that seem to waste the most time and keep you from getting things done. You can get rid of all of them and reclaim your time and life.

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Stop Feeling Drained, Overwhelmed and Burned Out

Trying to do it all, every day, and not seeing the results you want takes its toll. It's time to get out from under it all and start making choices that lead to smart actions and, better than that, results. 

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Accountability Where it Counts With People You Trust

Having to report progress to somebody lights a fire under you and gets you moving on all the things you've put off. You'll amaze yourself when you are held accountable.

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The First Couple of Coaching

When you hire a Coach or join a Mastermind Group you want the best.

Laura Hess and Philip Cohen are pioneers in the field of Coaching. In the early years of the profession, they were instrumental in founding and promoting coaching to people in business as a success strategy. 

Thousands of clients later, they remain at the top of their game and their field.

That's why you look to Laura and Philip when you want the best. They will push you to the edge and beyond.

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Jennifer Braster Attorney at Law | Naylor and Braster Law

Jennifer Braster Attorney at Law

"I met Laura Hess about two and a half years ago, shortly before I started my business. I've worked with Laura before on some other matters and she told me about her mastermind groups. Laura put together an amazing group of women knowing our characteristics and what we were hoping to get out of a mastermind. There are five of us, meeting twice a month and at each meeting, two or three of us have the chance to get in the "hot seat" talking about an issue that we need advice with. All the women in the group have various business, work experience, and educational backgrounds, but we all have the same want and need for assistance from other women - professional advice.

I would absolutely recommend this to women in my position, whether you're starting a new career or making changes in your personal life, you have a new job or things are changing in the job you're in, or something's changing personally that affects you in business. The mastermind group is a great resource to get help from other women you respect and admire. And you get to help other women...that's a great benefit that you get to help other women even when you're not on the 'hot seat'. You get to help others and instead of bringing each other down, you get to lift each other up.

Laura is the facilitator and is very good about keeping us on point and on task, and making sure we all get the most value out of our meetings."