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Lisa Grant Testimonial

Lisa Grant Sings Her Praises for Laura Hess, PUSH the Envelope™ Mastermind Facilitator “I have gotten valuable support and advice throughout the year. When I have marketing materials it’s really helpful to have several pairs of eyes look at them and give feedback. I’ve had questions about how to handle difficult client issues and gotten […]

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11 months ago

Beware the Counterfeit Coach

Beware the Counterfeit Coach You’re at a party or a business networking event, or maybe you’re at church or standing in line at the grocery store, and you get into a conversation with another person. Inevitably the conversation comes around to, “So, what do you do?” How often have you heard, “I’m a coach!”? Now, […]

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Business Etiquette – Where Has It Gone?

Business Etiquette – Common Sense? Business etiquette is critical if you expect to be taken seriously. I think it’s common sense but, apparently, common sense isn’t so common. Recently I’ve been experiencing (and hearing about) a lot of interaction (or lack thereof) with people who say they’re interested in a business relationship but have a […]

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last year

Fight, Flight, or Flow?

Adrenaline Is A Killer Our world is becoming increasingly complex. The demands of balancing work, family, and time for ourselves are overwhelming. We rush through each day doing, accomplishing and performing – getting things done while adding to a growing list of what still needs to be done. Where does it stop? This pattern produces […]

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