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Chopped in My Kitchen – Polenta

Inspired by Chopped on the Food NetworkPolenta? Really?So I’m really excited to start playing Chopped in my kitchen, right? I take my Foodie Dice and roll them for the first time. I have my first set of ingredients:ChickenOnionsKalePolentaCooking Method – BroilSeasoning – RosemaryNow What?I’m going to be honest here – I rolled the dice on […]

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Coach in the Kitchen™

Coach In the Kitchen™ Invites You to the Table Inspiration Comes in Many FormsCoach in the Kitchen™ brings down-home wisdom and easy conversation to the business world. But easy conversation doesn’t mean easy topics.Let’s face it, you’re in business. You have a life. Stuff happens. Where do you go when you need to vent? What […]

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Meet Laura

Laura HessThe CoachWith the Velvet Whipand Now with herVelvet WhiskMaster CoachMastermind Group Facilitator I love my work!My StoryHow do you marry your passions with your career? Let me tell you: I’ve worn many hats over the course of my life. I’ve been a burger flipper, panty-folder, dog groomer, sales person, kitchen gadget expert, Radiologic Technologist, CPA, marketing […]

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