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a couple of weeks ago

Coach In the Kitchen™ is Back!

Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

Coach in the Kitchen™ brings home wisdom and easy conversation to the business world. But easy conversation doesn't mean easy topics.

Let's face it, you're in business. You have a life. Stuff happens. Where do you go when you need to vent? What if you just want a reality check, or need input on an idea?

Golda Meir Went to Her Kitchen

Golda Meir Held high-level meetings in her kitchen, serving cake and coffee.

Golda Meir inspires me to bring Mastermind Groups and Coaching to the kitchen for women in business.

She was in the habit of having high-level meetings with her cabinet members and other trusted advisors in her kitchen.

She'd serve them a cake she'd just baked and very strong coffee. She ran the country from her kitchen table.

And it worked!

Coach in the Kitchen™ is the Answer

Life happens in the kitchen. We all know it. The kitchen table was for homework while Mom made dinner. The kitchen is where we learned to cook. We created memories, solved problems, cried over lost loves and broken hearts, and celebrated life - all in the kitchen.

Do you remember those times?

How many parties have you been to when everybody seemed to be congregated in the kitchen? I'll be it's a lot!

What if, as a woman in business, you had a kitchen table where you could have those conversations again?

That's what you'll find right here!

Coach in the Kitchen™ is not about teaching you to cook. Instead, I'll take you into the kitchen where comfortable conversation is the rule and no topic is too small or too big.

Join me, your Coach in the Kitchen™, for weekly wisdom and kitchen conversations.

Laura Hess

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