Deborah Carter Testimonial

Deborah Carter Has a Lot to Say About Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™ Mastermind Groups

Deborah Carter Praises Laura Hess for her Masterminds from PUSH the Envelope™

“I have been privileged to participate in a Mastermind group led and facilitated by Laura Hess. As a facilitator, she has a proven to be exceptional at moving us along without rushing us. She is direct in questioning so that we get to core issues. Our Mastermind is about how do we get ahead and how can we support each other.

Laura is the woman with the vision. She is definitely the facilitator and not a participant. I respect and admire the way she handles herself in this role. As a senior, I am no longer trying to turn myself into someone better than I. I am working to be my best me. With Laura’s help and some lovely women in the group, I feel a sense of direction that had deserted me because of life experiences. This is the right program for me. Try a taster. See if it works for you.”

Deborah Carter, CFP®
Country Financial


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