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How Many Hours Do You Waste Every Day?

Too Many Distractions? Get Rid of Them and Reclaim Your Time and Energy | Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™ Masterminds and Coaching

How many times during the day do you have to stop what you're doing because of an interruption? What kind of distractions are there in your office that pull your attention in a direction other than the work in front of you? Who is it who always seems to want to have an extended conversation with you no matter what you're doing?

It's no wonder you don't get as much done as you'd hoped you would each day?

You have work to do, and it has to get done, but every time you're interrupted or distracted from your work, you waste precious minutes and spend your limited energy, both of which you need to complete your own tasks.

What's the biggest distraction in your office? Is there one thing, or one person, who creates the most problems for you?

Demanding Texts and Emails

Email and texts are huge distractions for so many business women I've spoken too. They've become slaves to their inbox. They're tethered to their cell phones. They have allowed technology to run their lives instead of using it as the tool it is.

Here's an idea: What if you opened email only 2 or 3 times a day instead of having it open all the time? What if you muted your phone and checked text messages at designated times only?

Few professions require you to be reachable 24/7. Turn off your email and mute your phone and you've taken care of a big chunk of distractions.

People Problems

Another category of distractions and interruptions come from other people. They might come to you with their own problems and questions. And they might be right to come to you, but there's a right time and a wrong time for that and it's not while you're focused on something else.

It's up to you to teach the people around you how to interact with you so you can all be productive in your work. In coaching, we call this establishing boundaries, and while it's easy to understand how to do this, it's not always easy.

Distractions come in all styles and no two people will have the same ones. Whatever your distractions are, and wherever your interruptions come from, you can eliminate them and reclaim your time and save your energy for the things more important to you. Make a list of yours then start working down the list to get rid of them. If you need help, find a coach or join a mastermind group. You'll find it easier if you don't work to eliminate distractions alone. 

Laura Hess

Laura is a passionate advocate for women in business. She's worked with thousands of women to grow themselves and their businesses. She is a published author and has co-authored 2 Consumer's Guides - one for Coaching and one for Mastermind Groups (both available on this site at no cost). The foundation of her work is rooting in the belief that, with the right tools and support, women can be and do anything. Laura is a partner at PUSH the Envelope™ Masterminds and Coaching, founded in 1994.

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