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a few months ago

Habit of Saving for Fun and Future

Saving for anything seems to be a lost practice in the US. 57% of Americans have 0-$1000 in savings. That's not a pretty picture. What if you have an emergency? Stuff happens all the time. What do you do and where do you go?

You can make saving a habit. And make a difference for yourself at the same time.

Last year I posted a piece about the habit of saving and shared the 52-Week-Challenge. Here's the image from that post and the way I played the game in 2017:

52-Week Saving Plan | Laura Hess | PUSH the Envelope

I started on the 1st of January, a Sunday. I made Sundays the start of the week. The year ended on Sunday, the 31st and I added a 53rd week to my challenge. 

Every week I deposited cash into my 52-week envelope. It was a fun practice, especially as I started making $20 deposits and up. I watched the total in my envelope grow and started planning what I was going to use the money for.

I finished the year with a total of $1,431. 

Habit of Saving Means Freedom and Security

This year Philip is going to play with me in the game. But we're not using cash - we have a bank account we will each make our deposits into. And since we're starting the game on Monday the 1st, we'll again have 53 weeks. With 2 of us playing, that means we'll have almost $3,000 to play with. YEAH!

Why not take the 52-Week Challenge yourself. Review the rules again, set up a system that works for you, and start saving. 

Laura Hess

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