Jennifer Braster Talks About Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™ Masterminds

Jennifer Braster Testimonial

Jennifer Braster Talks About Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™ Mastermind Groups

Jen: “I met Laura Hess about two and a half years ago, shortly before I started my business. I’ve worked with Laura before on some other matters and she told me about her mastermind groups. Laura put together an amazing group of women knowing our characteristics and what we were hoping to get out of a mastermind. There are five of us, meeting twice a month and at each meeting, two or three of us have the chance to get in the “hot seat” talking about an issue that we need advice with. All the women in the group have various business, work experience, and educational backgrounds, but we all have the same want and need for assistance from other women – professional advice.

I would absolutely recommend this to women in my position, whether you’re starting a new career or making changes in your personal life, you have a new job or things are changing in the job you’re in, or something’s changing personally that affects you in business. The mastermind group is a great resource to get help from other women you respect and admire. And you get to help other women…that’s a great benefit that you get to help other women even when you’re not on the ‘hot seat’. You get to help others and instead of bringing each other down, you get to lift each other up.

Laura is the facilitator and is very good about keeping us on point and on task, and making sure we all get the most value out of our meetings.”

Jennifer Braster, Attorney at Law
Naylor & Braster


Laura Hess

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