What Happens After a Mastermind Group Meeting | Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™
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After the Meeting: What to Expect from a Mastermind Group

What Happens After a Mastermind Group Meeting | Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™ Masterminds and Coaching

Your mastermind call is over. You breathe a deep sigh of relief. Now the real work begins.


First, let's discuss a few ground rules for mastermind groups. In a way, they're a bit like Las Vegas: What happens in mastermind groups, stays in mastermind groups. Or if you prefer Fight Club, the first rule is that you don't talk about the mastermind group outside of the group.

All kidding aside, this group is a safe place for members to share their fears, their challenges, express their vulnerability, and grow. If there's a chance their secrets will be shouted from the rooftops, they won't open up. Unless someone specifically asks you to speak to someone on their behalf, you're not at liberty to do so.

Helpful hint: Check with your facilitator ahead of time to learn the policy on confidentiality. You may not even be able to mention who's in your mastermind group when you talk about it.

What's Your Why

Now that we've got that out of the way let's remember why you joined the group in the first place: You want to improve your skills in business and get the support you need that you don't get anywhere else.

You got suggestions during your Hot Seat or something triggered during someone else's. What are you going to do about it? When possible, keep your schedule open right after your meeting to give yourself time to reflect on what you learned, review your notes, and prioritize your action steps. If you go from one meeting to the next, those jewels of wisdom may be lost.

Helpful hint: Before you begin reviewing, take a few minutes to move around, breathe deeply, and center yourself. Fresh oxygen helps the brain to function at its best.


It's time to plot your course of action. Presumably, your "due date" is the next meeting, so you know you have two weeks (or one month depending on the frequency of your meetings) to complete the actions you committed to. Goals are like chocolate cake: You don't eat an entire cake in one sitting. Instead, you cut it into smaller pieces. Your goal after the meeting might look daunting at first. But if you define smaller steps, milestones along the way, it looks a lot less scary and easier to do. Each step has a due date of its own.

Finally, you should honor any commitments you've made to fellow members. Perhaps you promised to make an introduction, find some follow up information, or schedule a one-on-one to learn more about someone. Developing trust and respect within your group comes with being accountable to yourself and others, following through on promises, and maintaining that Fight-Club-like silence.

You may have also had some insight after the call regarding someone's challenge. Reach out. There's nothing better than knowing people care so much about you that they help even when you aren't in front of them. We're often too close to our own problems to come up with valuable solutions. Having another brain at work for us can be priceless. That's part of being a member in a mastermind group: reaching out, connecting, and supporting between calls.

You've learned what to do before your mastermind group meeting, during your meeting, and after the meeting. Now it's time to put it all into practice and blow your goals right out of the water! 

Laura Hess

Laura is a passionate advocate for women in business. She's worked with thousands of women to grow themselves and their businesses. She is a published author and has co-authored 2 Consumer's Guides - one for Coaching and one for Mastermind Groups (both available on this site at no cost). The foundation of her work is rooting in the belief that, with the right tools and support, women can be and do anything. Laura is a partner at PUSH the Envelope™ Masterminds and Coaching, founded in 1994.

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