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Philip Cohen

Master Certified Coach

Mastermind Facilitator

Philip Cohen Master Certified Coach and Mastermind Group Facilitator with PUSH the Envelop™

If Not Now, When?

When I started my career as a CPA and business consultant I was fortunate to work for an accounting firm that recognized we were working with people, not numbers.  Besides the basics, we worked with our clients to help them understand their business better and create a clear path success.  In addition, we frequently had discussions communication skills, personal balance, and how to have and enjoy a great life. We were practicing a rudimentary form of coaching.

In 1994 I was introduced to professional coaching and I realized the conversations I was having with clients could be expanded to all areas of their lives.  Drawing on the skills I learning in extensive coaching training I expanded conversations with my clients beyond finances to everything that enhanced, or inhibited success.

I’ve broadened my facilitation skills with formal training and have added mastermind groups to the services I offer clients.  Some people work best in a one-on-one setting, some prefer working in a group.  I always want to adapt to the needs of the people I serve.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about business started when I was managing partner of my accounting firm. I thought I had to make all the management decisions by myself.  Sure, I had an attorney and periodically talked to some consultants, but I was mostly on my own, even though I had partners.  I didn’t know there was another way.  Yes, we were very successful, but I often struggled over decisions, and there were some that I wish I had made differently.  The only path I knew was to go it alone.

Since becoming a coach, I discovered how much easier it is when I have others around me to provide suggestions, challenge my thinking, and hold me accountable. People I trust and who care about my success.  People I’m in a formal relationship with so they're always accessible. I'm still responsible for my decisions and the actions I take, but I’m happier with my decisions and I get better results from my actions.

This is what I bring to my peers, other business owners. The lesson that we are all stronger when working with others.  It’s a way to be more successful more quickly and with less struggle. The combination of my experience and training gives me a deep understanding of how to help you be successful by finding your own path. A path that fits you, even if it’s not the path everyone else has taken.

There are many paths to success and happiness.  Just because you’re not on the same path as everyone else doesn’t mean you’re lost.  As your coach or facilitator, I’ll help you find what’s right for you. I bring all my skills, training, experience, and heart to PUSH the Envelope™, whether it’s coaching or in a mastermind group. My one goal is the success of each and every client or group member.

We all have blind spots and limiting beliefs. Often these are what hinder our success.  My role is to help clients see from a different perspective: To challenge beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors that may be getting in their way.  I bring objectivity, independence, and confidentiality to the relationship. I am direct and honest with my clients. My role isn’t to tell them what they want to hear — it’s to say what I see from my perspective. I’m caring and supportive, yet I also challenge my clients to go for their always Push the Envelope™.

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