Laura Hess, Mastermind Facilitator and Coach to Women Who Want it All!

Meet Laura

Laura Hess MCC and Mastermind Faciltator with PUSH the Envelope Masterminds and Coaching

Laura Hess
Master Certified Coach
Mastermind Facilitator

The Coach With the Velvet Whip

I’ve worn many hats over the course of my life. I’ve been a burger flipper, panty folder, dog groomer, sales person, kitchen gadget expert, radiologic technologist, CPA, marketing director, trainer, consultant and now, a coach and mastermind facilitator.

In 1994 I left accounting behind me forever (except for the annual personal tax returns I still do for us) and become a coach and trainer. The worked touched me at my core and I felt like I’d found what I was always meant to be doing. Coaching, training, and speaking to inspire or educate are things I love. Being able to do them and earn a living is a dream.

Philip Cohen (my partner in life and business) and I started working together and we have been ever since. It’s given me another dimension of experience to add to my tool box – how to live and work in harmony with your life partner.

Through my career I’ve worked with thousands of people, men and women. I finally gave in to declaring a niche for myself. I have narrowed my audience to work with only women. It is where I get my greatest joy. I love seeing the changes that happen with the women who allow me to be part of their lives.

My mastermind groups are for women only. There is a magic and energy that happens when women come together. I make that available to women through the masterminds and group coaching I do.

I’ve been self-employed since the mid-80s and loving every minute. The experience I have in business and in working with businesses as a CPA, the training I have in coaching and in mastermind facilitation, have given me what I need to be able to work with my clients to bring out their best and help them PUSH their own envelope to soar higher than they ever though possible.

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Client Testimonials

Jen: “I met Laura Hess about two and a half years ago, shortly before I started my business.  I’ve worked with Laura before on some other matters and she told me about her mastermind groups. Laura put together an amazing group of women knowing our characteristics and what we were hoping to get out of a mastermind. There are five of us, meeting twice a month and at each meeting, two or three of us have the chance to get in the “hot seat” talking about an issue that we need advice with. All the women in the group have various business, work experience, and educational backgrounds, but we all have the same want and need for assistance from other women – professional advice.

What brought me to the mastermind is my business is expanding. There’s things I’m now dealing with I’ve never dealt with before and I want assistance from other women who may have been through those experiences: What’s their advice? What’s their experience? I’m okay admitting that I don’t know everything. The value of talking with others who may have gone through that, or might have opinions on things definitely helped me making educated decisions and figuring out the next path.

I would absolutely recommend this to women in my position, whether you’re starting a new career or making changes in your personal life, you have a new job or things are changing in the job you’re in, or something’s changing personally that affects you in business. The Mastermind is a great resource to get help from other women you respect and admire. And you get to help other women…that’s a great benefit that you get to help other women even when you’re not on the ‘hot seat’. You get to help others and instead of bringing each other down, you get to lift each other up.

Laura is the facilitator and is very good about keeping us on point and on task, and making sure we all get the most value out of our meetings.”

Jennifer Braster, Attorney at Law
Maupin, Naylor, and Braster

Sheryl Green Testimonial for Laura Hess and PUSH the Envelope™ Masterminds

“My name is Sheryl Green and I am a brand new motivational speaker, a business content writer and an animal rescuer.  I joined the Push the Envelope™ Mastermind Group with Laura Hess because I needed the support to tackle so many projects at once, and the wisdom to learn how to prioritize. Being in the group has helped me gain clarity in my message and my audience, and given me the support of like-minded female entrepreneurs.

If you want to benefit from a group of supportive women who are invested in helping you grow your business and improve your life, a Push the Envelope™ Mastermind Group is just what you need. “

Sheryl Green, Sheryl Green Speaks
Motivational Speaker
Business Content Writer
Animal Rescuer

“Laura is a brilliant facilitator. My PUSH the Envelope™ Mastermind was a wonderful experience for me. I reached my goals much quicker than I would on my own. I really connected with the other women in the group and made some wonderful new friends. It was great to have people to bounce things off of. I had insights left and right, one after the other. It’s an experience for women who really want to have a support team. The accountability was really great, and the belief in me made me believe more in myself. And being a solopreneur I have so much alone time. The community and camaraderie was amazing.”

Chrissy Carew, Master Certified Coach
Founder and Head Coach
Insightful Player, LLC

“I have been privileged to participate in a Mastermind group led and facilitated by Laura Hess.  As a facilitator, she has a proven to be exceptional at moving us along without rushing us.  She is direct in questioning so that we get to core issues.  Our Mastermind is about how do we get ahead and how can we support each other.  Laura is the woman with the vision.  She is definitely the facilitator and not a participant.  I respect and admire the way she handles herself in this role. As a senior, I am no longer trying to turn myself into someone better than I.  I am working to be my best me.  With Laura’s help and some lovely women in the group,  I feel a sense of direction that had deserted me because of life experiences.  This is the right program for me.  Try a taster.  See if it works for you.”

Deborah Carter , CFP®
Country Financial

“I have gotten valuable support and advice throughout the year. When I have marketing materials it’s really helpful to have several pairs of eyes look at them and give feedback. I’ve had questions about how to handle difficult client issues and gotten superb advice about setting boundaries. It’s also a pleasure to be able to give insight to other women in the group based in my experience and professional expertise. It’s proof that I do know what I’m doing, and that is a powerful reminder to myself when I am stuck.

There are times when I think I don’t really have anything to discuss, and every time it’s happened, I’ve come away happy because I raised a small issue and gotten a wealth of wisdom on connecting issues. The way the conversations expand organically to touch on interconnected issues means that every meeting is an unexpected pleasure and help.

Laura is an excellent facilitator. She is warm and empathetic, with strong insights and a way of cutting to the heart of the matter that fosters growth and self-realization. This is a very wordy way of saying she knows what she’s doing!  

We talk about business concerns. We talk about personal concerns. We are a group of supportive small business owning women, and the strength and support we give each other is invaluable. I highly recommend joining a mastermind group run by Laura; you will be enriched personally and professionally as a result!”

Lisa Grant, OMD
Spring Mountains Acupuncture

“Laura ROCKS! She will say the truth and never holds back. I love that she can switch her perspective and process on a dime, according to my requests. And what love most is her belief in me. She can reach into my heart and bring forth my greatness and power. She reminds me that I already have all that I need inside myself. Thank you so much!!!” 

Jeanna Gabellini, Coach

“Working with Laura definitely moved me to a higher level. She always allowed me to be wherever I needed to be in the moment and yet kept me firmly focused in the direction of my vision. She definitely stretches a client to full potential with her compassionate yet direct coaching.” 

Judy Irving, PCC

“The relationship I developed with Laura was one of trust and support. I felt totally uninhibited in discussing some very important issues that were critical to my success.” 

Sue Groebe, Bank Branch Manager

“If I had to describe in one word the difference coaching has made in my life it would be ACTION. I was paralyzed because I was trying to take a giant leap from a totally unmanageable life to a perfect on. Coaching has taught me how to take baby steps and still see an immediate difference. I can’t explain why it works, I can only guarantee it does work!” 

Amy Ayoub, Financial Planner

“FOCUS. In a word, that’s Laura’s greatest gift to me. She has the ability to see who I am, cuts straight to the chase, and has me completely focus my energy on what’s really important in my life.”

Eva Gregory, Coach