Laura Hess, Mastermind Facilitator and Coach to Women Who Want it All!

I love my work!

My Story

How do you marry your passions with your career?

Let me tell you:

I’ve worn many hats over the course of my life. I’ve been a burger flipper, panty-folder, dog groomer, sales person, kitchen gadget expert, Radiologic Technologist, CPA, marketing director, trainer and consultant. 

None of those were my path to bliss. At the time, I did what I did because I "was supposed to". I was wrong, like so many other people.

When I looked at what I truly love doing, what expands my heart, there are two things that come to mind:

  • Working with women to follow their bliss
  • Cooking

Coach and Mastermind Group Facilitator are my path to bliss. With them I live my first passion of working with women. 

Coach in the Kitchen™ marries them together. I'm able to be with women, in a relaxed atmosphere, in a room where life happens. Doesn't get any better than this - every day is an adventure.

The Beginning

In 1994, I left accounting behind me forever and became a Coach and trainer. The worked touched me at my core and I felt like I'd found what I was always meant to be doing. Coaching, training, and speaking to inspire or educate are things I love. Being able to do those things and earn a living is a dream.

In 2015 I started leading Mastermind Groups for women in business. Women need the support of other women. We blossom and thrive together.

Philip Cohen (my partner in life and business) and I started working together in 1994. It's given me another dimension of experience to add to my tool box. I've learned how to live and work in harmony with your life partner. Partners with Partners is designed with couples who live and work together in mind.


One of a small group of early adopters of coaching, I'm also the founding Treasurer of the International Coach Federation. A Master Coach since 1999, I'm among the top 3% of credentialed coaches worldwide. I continue to support the coaching community. Every person, especially business people, could benefit from working with a trained coach.

Training is key for me. I am actively involved in Mastermind Group Facilitation Training with The Success Alliance's Synergy Program.

Why I Do What I Do

My "Why" is easy and follows my passion: Connecting and working with women to follow their bliss. Through the work I do, women are able to:

  • Simplify their lives
  • Make better choices for themselves
  • Create more successful businesses
  • Reduce Stress
  • Feel supported and less alone
  • End overwhelm
  • Get a handle on their finances
  • asterisk
    ... and so much more