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Resources from Amazon

Amazon has grown to a mammoth company where you can find almost anything you need (or want). We’ve pulled together some books and products that we’ve found beneficial. This list will continue to grow as we find new treasures for you. We also encourage you to suggest resources to be included on this page.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - Buy on Amazon.
Think and Grow Rich
(Napoleon Hill) Maybe the most read and best known book on success ever written. If you’re not read it, you’re past due. If you have read it, an annual revisit to the book is always a good thing.



Pendulum | Understanding the Generational Cycles for BusinessPendulum (Roy Williams and Michael Drew) My first exposure to the material in this book was in a live presentation by Michael Drew. The concepts are solid and he has the evidence to support it all. Knowing how to market in a “Me” vs “We” cycle can make the difference between life and death for a business.