Masterminds Must Be Expereinced to Be Understood

Taste of Masterminds

Masterminds have to be Experienced

Your Mastermind Adventure
Begins with Your

PUSH the Envelope Taste of Masterminds with Laura Hess and Philip Cohen | So You Can Experience the Real Thing

Whether you’ve been involved in a mastermind group before or not, or if you’ve heard about masterminds in the past but have no first-hand knowledge of what they’re about, this is a great opportunity to experience a mastermind first hand.

It is absolutely free and is an introduction to the PUSH the Envelope™ Mastermind Groups.

Taste of Masterminds are run as a real mastermind meeting. Three or four people are given a chance to be on the hot seat. If that’s you, it means you’ll be able to describe a problem you have, a decision you have to make, or something you needs ideas for. The rest of the people on the call offer you advice, ideas, solutions, and best practices in response to your situation.

Facilitation of a mastermind is critical to it’s effectiveness. With our extensive facilitation background, the Taste of Mastermind will be highly focused and not just a conversation.

A Taste of Mastermind is a 90 minute video conference. We’ll do the mastermind and then there will be time available for Q & A.

Remember, this is a video conference so there’s no travel involved and you can join from anywhere in the world.

Space is limited so sign up and experience the power of people working together in a mastermind!

Contact Laura or Philip if you’re interested in participating in the next Taste of Mastermind, and get on the list to claim one of the Hot Seat spots.