Eliminate Distractions

You and Your Distractions

Eliminate Distractions: 4 of 4 We’ve talked about Step 1 in the process of eliminating distractions: What is distracting you, and what type of distraction is it. You have the What’s Bugging You? worksheet to help you with this step. We’ve been talking about Step 2 and creating strategies to eliminate distractions. So far, we’ve…

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Time Management is a Choice

Time Management is About You

I was looking through my previous posts for something on time management. Imagine my surprise: In over 20 years of coaching, and with time management being one of the most common topics of conversation, still no writing about it. One thing is a constant, though: No matter who I spoke to through those years, time…

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When Is Your Peak Performance Time

When is Your Peak Performance Time?

When Are You At Your Best?   Each of us has a body rhythm. For some, energy is highest in the morning. For others, it’s at night. Few people have consistent energy throughout the day. In fact, I don’t know anybody for whom that’s true. Knowing when you’re at your best, your peak performance time…

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