For Women 59+ Only ...

If You Want an EPIC Next Chapter but Feel Uncertain About How -- or Even If -- You Can Make That Happen ... Your Path is About to Get SO Much Easier and More Fun!

Imagine embarking on a journey where every step is an ...

… opportunity for growth, connection, and rediscovery. A journey where the culmination of your life’s experiences becomes the foundation for a future filled with joy, purpose, and peace of heart.

That’s entirely possible but not so easily done … especially when you’re trying to figure everything out on your own.

The Power of The Path to Joy:

navigating challenges

As you approach your encore years, you may experience a mix of anticipation and apprehension. (Many women do!)

Questions about health, financial security, social connections, and maintaining a sense of purpose and relevance become more pronounced. For instance, you may have questions about your:



How can you maintain vitality, manage any age-related health issues that come up, and keep your zest for life?


How can you ensure you have enough money to support lifestyle changes and ensure you can fund your dreams?


How do you find and sustain meaningful connections with changes in work status and family dynamics?


How do you find a new purpose and stay relevant in a world that often overlooks the wisdom of age?

Now, I get it.

The transition into your encore years can be uncertain, but it’s also an immense opportunity.

It’s a chance to redefine what happiness and fulfillment mean to you. To take the reins of your life and craft it into a masterpiece of joyous experiences and meaningful moments.

This journey is about more than just coping with changes – it’s about thriving!

The journey to joy in your encore years is deeply personal yet universally meaningful.

It’s about living with intention, embracing the present, and crafting a future that resonates with the deepest parts of yourself. The encore years are a chapter in your book of life with blank pages. You get to write the script and fill the pages with how you design these years, be it a single encore or many.

It’s an exciting time for exploration, growth, and fulfillment, and it holds a joyous promise to discovery and the opportunity to live life on your terms.

Enabling Your Path to Joy ...

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Laura Hess, and my mission is to guide women 59 and beyond through this liminal phase of life… between working full-time and what comes afterward. It doesn’t matter if you’ve owned your own business or worked for someone else. The challenges, fears, and opportunities are the same for us all.

And if there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that when women overcome these challenges and create the epic life they dream of, they learn what it means to ‘follow your bliss.

Path to Joy is a holistic roadmap designed to guide you through the nuances of embracing your encore years. This path is not just a series of linear steps but a comprehensive approach to living fully, with joy, courage, abundance, and a deep sense of peace and fulfillment.

In Path to Joy, you'll EXPERIENCE ...

Passion and Relevance:

Rediscover passions and find new interests that align with your current life phase, bringing renewed joy and purpose.

Encore Finances:

Tailor your financial planning to support your lifestyle, ensuring freedom to pursue your passions without financial stress.

Health and Vitality:

Prioritize your well-being through active living, balanced nutrition, and mental health practices (crucial for enjoying your encore).

Meaningful Connections:

Foster deep, meaningful relationships and community ties, enriching your life with support and shared experiences.

Growth and Learning:

Embrace the adventure of lifelong learning to keep your mind engaged and your spirit curious.

Gratitude and Giving:

Experience the fulfillment of giving back, sharing your wisdom, and contributing to the community.

Embracing Change:

Navigate life’s transitions gracefully, viewing change as an opportunity for growth and new experiences.

Knowing all of that isn’t enough, though.

You need a roadmap to follow as you walk the path, and I have exactly what you need.

Download a copy of the Path to Joy Roadmap and use it as your guide.

"Never stop working towards your dream life. It'll be worth it."

Preparing For What's Next.

Now, if this journey sounds exciting to you …

I want to take you the next steps. I do the work I do because I found myself in limbo after a major life crisis. It left me wondering what I wanted to do in my life. I decided I wanted to give other women what they needed so they wouldn’t feel what I was feeling: doubt, fear, and lack of purpose. I wanted them to feel joy and peace without having to experience a major life trauma to get there.

Remember: your best years are not behind you. They’re straight ahead, waiting to be lived!

So, download the
Path To Joy Roadmap

… for further insights and inspiration. And let’s make YOUR encore years joyous and remarkable.

Remember: your best years are not behind you; they’re waiting to be lived. Join me in this adventure, and together, let’s make these years truly remarkable.