Let's Start at the Beginning of Our PUSH Journey ...

And first ask ourselves; "Does this choice PUSH the Envelope"? (The answer should be YES!)

The Beginning

We started in business in 1994 as SPARCK International. We learned many lessons through the early years, one of the big ones being that while we thought SPARCK was a great name, it wasn’t. When we named our first company we created the SPARCK acronym to describe what it was we offered our clients, or the benefits they got from working with us. The letters stood for Success. Personal Power. Answers. Results. Choice. Knowledge. People couldn’t spell it and with the dawning of the internet, it was a very bad search term for Google.

Practice Makes Perfect

Stepping Stones

Pushing The Limits.

We re-branded in 2005 as The Coaching Resource Authority (TCRA) and we thought that would do it. We are, after all, The First Couple of Coaching and we wanted to PUSH the limits.

Creating Real Change.

We’d been around the profession longer than most other coaches and had the broadest experience. We considered ourselves authorities. Coaching “guru’s” if you will.

... But We Wanted More!

We even wrote our very own “Consumers Guide for Hiring a Professional Coach”. But the TCRA just didn’t say enough. There needed to be more … a better way!

PUSH the Envelope™
– The Answer

In 2016 we then re-branded again to become PUSH the Envelope™. It really says it all. No matter what service we’re providing – masterminds, coaching, accountability, training – we’re always asking our clients to go farther; to push the limits.

We challenge our clients to question the status quo. We want them to eliminate the limits that have often been self-imposed. We ask them to experiment with new ideas and behaviors, to try on new attitudes, and to go beyond what they ever thought or believed possible.

And always, we ask ourselves, “Does this choice PUSH the Envelope™?”

"The Days of Intimidation and Confusion as an Entrepreneur are FINALLY OVER!"

The FIRST Couple of Coaching

Laura Hess and Philip Cohen are pioneers in the field of Coaching. They were the First Couple of Coaching — instrumental in founding the profession and in promoting coaching to people in business as a success strategy. Thousands of clients later, they remain at the top of their game and their field.

When you want the best, look to Laura and Philip. They will push you to the edge and beyond!

Laura Hess / PUSH the Envelope Mastermind & Coaching

Laura Hess

The Coach with the Velvet Whip

We'll help you take your business BEYOND what you thought was possible.

It’s doesn’t matter your age, gender, or location … if you’re dealing with the day-to-day stressors of being a business owner (solo or partnered up) Laura and Philip will help you PUSH the EnvelopeTM and help you take your business (and life) to a whole new level!

Mastermind Groups


Corporate Training

Everybody WINS!

Professional Coaching

Partnering to THRIVE!

Kind Words From Our Clients

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