Introducing: The Joy-Q Survey

I’ve been working on this for a while, and finally, we’re ready for prime time! Because joy can be an elusive topic for so many of us, I wanted to create a tool you can use to look at your life and get a clearer picture of how joy is already showing up for you and where joy can use a boost.

And it is just that, a tool — not a test. It’s to be used to evaluate and guide you in your decisions as you move forward. It does assume you want more joy in your life, though. If that’s not true, stop reading and move to something else.


The Basics:

The Joy-Q Survey measures your overall sense of joy, fulfillment, and contentment. It reflects the degree to which you experience positive emotions, satisfaction, and well-being across various aspects of your daily life.

It is a reflective tool designed to help you evaluate your current level of joy and identify areas for enhancing your overall well-being. The Survey consists of 20 carefully crafted statements, each exploring different dimensions of joy, including relationships, personal growth, health, and daily activities. You rate each statement on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest level of agreement.



The primary purpose of the Joy-Q Survey is to provide a comprehensive overview of your current state of joy and contentment.

It serves as a starting point for deeper self-reflection and personal exploration, helping you understand what brings you joy and where growth opportunities might occur.



  • Self-Awareness: Using the Joy-Q Survey will give you insights into your sources of joy and areas needing more attention. Increased self-awareness leads to more informed decisions about your personal and professional life.

  • Identifying Strengths and Areas for Growth: The Joy-Q Survey helps you recognize the aspects of your life that already bring you joy and satisfaction, as well as those that could benefit from intentional focus and improvement.

  • Goal Setting: With a clearer understanding of your Joy-Q, you can set specific, meaningful goals to enhance your happiness and well-being.

  • Personal Development: The insights gained from this assessment can guide you in pursuing activities, relationships, and experiences that align with your values and passions, leading to a more fulfilling life.

  • Support and Guidance: If you find it challenging to experience joy, the Joy-Q Survey can highlight areas where additional support might be beneficial, such as through coaching, counseling, or community resources.


How It Can Be Useful:

For women, particularly those at a crossroads in their careers or personal lives, the Joy-Q Survey can be a powerful tool. It helps:

  • Navigate Transitions: Whether you’re planning to stop working, have already retired, or are unsure about the next steps, understanding your Joy-Q can guide you in making fulfilling choices.

  • Enhance Well-Being: By focusing on what brings you joy, you can create a more balanced and joyful life, even during periods of significant change.

  • Cultivate Inner Peace: The Joy-Q Survey encourages you to explore and nurture aspects of your life that contribute to peace and contentment, aligning with your vision of living your encore years with joy and peace of heart.

Overall, the Joy-Q Survey is a valuable resource for fostering a deeper understanding of your personal joy and creating a roadmap for a happier, more fulfilling life.


Interested in seeing the Joy-Q Survey and taking it for a pin yourself?
You can find it at It takes less than 10 minutes to respond to the 20 statements.

Have fun and choose joy!

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