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It’s doesn’t matter your age, gender, or location … if you’re dealing with the day-to-day stressors of being a business owner (solo or partnered up) Laura and Philip will help you PUSH the EnvelopeTM and help you take your business (and life) to a whole new level!

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Your Power Team

It can be lonely at the top. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a small business owner, or a mom who works from home, it still feels like you’re working in a vacuum. Where do you go when you need to get advice or bounce around ideas? Everybody in business, no matter your role, needs a team of peers they can turn to for support, advice, and ideas.

Accountability Programs
Getting It Done

Everybody has a list of things that need to get done. Too often, that list doesn’t seem to get shorter. Instead, it grows to the point of being so overwhelming, nothing gets done.

What you need is a way to ensure the right things are on the list, push past what’s blocking you, and get things done.

Corporate Training
Everybody Wins

To be competitive, a company must have delighted employees to service the outside customer. Delighted employees are created when the company shows interest, support, and caring for the personal and professional development of each individual. And the cost of training is small when compared to having to fire and replace an employee.

Professional Coaching
Partnering to Thrive

You wear blinders, we all do. You live with a set of beliefs that may, or may not, be true. You never thought to challenge them – to examine where the belief came from or if it’s actually true. But when you can see beyond the blinders, you see more opportunities. When assumptions are challenged, you see more possibilities. Coaching is the process of moving you to the heights of your own potential. For most people, there is a gap between how they are living their lives and what they truly want. Coaching bridges that gap.

The FIRST Couple of Coaching

Laura Hess and Philip Cohen are pioneers in the field of Coaching. They were the First Couple of Coaching — instrumental in founding the profession and in promoting coaching to people in business as a success strategy. Thousands of clients later, they remain at the top of their game and their field.

When you want the best, look to Laura and Philip. They will push you to the edge and beyond!

Laura Hess / PUSH the Envelope Mastermind & Coaching

Laura Hess

The Coach with the Velvet Whip

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