10 Tips to Joy Through Social Connection

Something different this week. Making connections in your encore years can be a challenge for many women. It’s not like you have a ready-made community in an office. You have to do it yourself. So where to start? Here are ten tips to give you some ideas and begin creating your Joyful Encore:


  1. Engage in community events or special-interest groups. Meeting people with similar hobbies and shared interests creates a foundation for new friendships.

  2. Volunteer for causes you’re passionate about. Working towards a common goal naturally fosters meaningful connections.

  3. Reconnect with old acquaintances or colleagues. Rekindling past relationships can sometimes lead to unexpected friendships.

  4. Host small gatherings or interest-based activities. This is an opportunity to deepen connections in a comfortable, personal setting.

  5. Stay open to friendships with people of different ages and backgrounds. Diversity can add richness and new perspectives to your social circle.

  6. Participate in local book clubs or discussion groups. Shared opinions and perspectives can lead to engaging conversations and connections.

  7. Engage in local charity events or fundraising activities. They often attract individuals with a giving spirit and community mindset.

  8. Explore hobby-based courses like cooking, painting, or gardening. These provide a relaxed environment for conversation and connection.

  9. Attend cultural events or exhibitions. They are a great place to meet people who appreciate the arts and culture.

  10. Share your experiences and wisdom in community centers or schools. Teaching or mentoring can lead to meaningful intergenerational connections.


There are plenty of women in their encore just like you and who are also looking for social connection. All you have to do is reach out in a way that makes sense for you.

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