Procrastination Buster Programs ... Accountability with PUSH the Envelope™

Because PUSH the Envelope™ is all about stretching you past existing limits!

What Gets In The Way Of You Being Able To Get Things Done?

Too many things on the list?

Not enough time?

A tendency to chase after the next best thing?

No excitement about the task or project?

Distractions demanding your attention?

Whatever your answer, the result is the same:

That thing doesn’t get done … again.

When Laura started the Women’s Business Council with Jen Braster, one of the questions they put to members was “What is the one thing that’s missing for you that, if present, would have the biggest impact on your life and business?”

Without exception all the women came back and said, “Accountability!”

An accountability section was built into every meeting and members are now getting things done!

Because PUSH the Envelope™ is all about stretching you past existing limits, we add accountability programs to our services. These Procrastination Buster Programs are designed to move you past blocks and obstacles that keep you from getting things done. Each program is designed with a specific purpose so you can choose based on what you need to make happen for yourself or your business.

PUSH the Envelope™

Procrastination Buster Programs:

Fired Up And Focused

  • Do you have a project that needs to get done? 
  • Are you putting off getting those blog posts written? 
  • How about contract reviews? 

Whatever your project, when you join the Fired Up and Focused Accountability Program you’ll have 90 minutes to get it done!

PUSH Through It
And Do It

This accountability program is for getting a larger project done that is going to require more time. It’s that writing project or design project that just has to be finished. 

In PUSH Through It and Do It we spread your accountability over 4 weeks, for 90 minutes, one day a week.

Daily PUSH Ups

This accountability program is exactly what it sounds like – daily accountability for 5 days in a row. Sounds like a lot but it’s only 5 days …

1 week to set a goal for yourself and make it happen. 

We’ve see an office get a major overhaul. One person get tax records ready for her accountant 5 months earlier than the accountant expected. Another person finished preparation for his Bar exam. 

… And, so much more.

Kind Words From Our Clients

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