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Rules for Being a Good Partner

Rules for Being a Good PartnerDo you get a sense that being a good partner is not part of this game? Being a good partner seems like it would be easy. But, as with everything else involving people, it’s not. Personalities, egos, behavioral styles and more all come into play when we look at the […]

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a few months ago

The Habit of Saving Revisited

Habit of Saving for Fun and FutureSaving for anything seems to be a lost practice in the US. 57% of Americans have 0-$1000 in savings. That’s not a pretty picture. What if you have an emergency? Stuff happens all the time. What do you do and where do you go? You can make saving a habit. […]

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10 months ago

Establish Boundaries to Eliminate Distractions with Other People

Tackling Distractions With Boundaries   Boundaries are the Strategy of Choice for Distractions Involving Other People People, whether we’re talking about others or ourselves, can be the most challenging types of distractions to eliminate. People are complicated, and it shows in our relationships. (Read the first and second posts about distractions if you haven’t yet […]

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Beware the Counterfeit Coach

Beware the Counterfeit Coach You’re at a party or a business networking event, or maybe you’re at church or standing in line at the grocery store, and you get into a conversation with another person. Inevitably the conversation comes around to, “So, what do you do?” How often have you heard, “I’m a coach!”? Now, […]

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Business Etiquette – Where Has It Gone?

Business Etiquette – Common Sense? Business etiquette is critical if you expect to be taken seriously. I think it’s common sense but, apparently, common sense isn’t so common. Recently I’ve been experiencing (and hearing about) a lot of interaction (or lack thereof) with people who say they’re interested in a business relationship but have a […]

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Goals Done Right

Goals are Part of the Success Formula   You’ve made the decision. Starting today, you’re going to set goals! Hooray! But wait… you’ve set goals before and what do you have to show for them? Fancy day planners covered with spider webs. If you truly want to make a change and start achieving your goals, […]

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