Control Is An Illusion

Control is an illusion. You think you have it but you don’t.

And thinking and acting as if you have control is robbing you of time and causing stress.

Where Do You Think You’re In Control?

You think you can control what your kids do when you’re not around?


You teach them and have influence over their actions, but when it comes down to it, your kids are going to do what they want.

How about employees or co-workers?

Nope again.

And again, you have influence but no control over how and when they do their work. They will have to face whatever consequences there are for their actions. IT still comes down to you have influence and the ability to step in and help, but those people are going to decide what they do and how they do it.

The Truth About Control

The only control you actually have is for what goes on in your mind. That’s it.

You control and choose your words, actions, and responses.

I admit to being a card-carrying member of Controllers Anonymous. Every day I have to remember I’m not in control of the world, or even my little corner of it. I take it a day at a time. I also admit that I fall back into that sense of being in control sometimes. Then life happens.

Coaching Lesson:

Control is an illusion. What you control begins and ends with your mind. Learn to let go of believing you can control other people. Influence them, yes. Teach them, yes. But understand those people are going to make choices you might not like. Keep the control you have – in your thinking and the choices you make. You’ll have less stress and be far less disappointed in people.

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