What The World Needs: Embracing Purpose in Your Encore Years (Part 2 of 4)

As a working woman looking towards your encore years, you may reflect on your legacy and how you can continue to make a positive impact. This phase of life offers an opportunity to align with something greater than yourself. In Ikigai, the Japanese concept “what the world needs” provides an inspiring framework for this journey.

In my last post, we explored the element of passion. Today we’ll explore the mission element, aligning with what the world needs, and how this can shape your next chapter.


Aligning with a Greater Mission:

  • Identify Your Values and Concerns: Reflect on the issues that resonate with you deeply. Understanding what you value can guide your path, whether it’s community development, education, environmental conservation, or another cause.
  • Leverage Your Expertise: Apply your business acumen and professional experiences meaningfully. Consider consulting for non-profits, mentoring young entrepreneurs, or supporting causes through your network.
  • Engage in Volunteer Opportunities: Many organizations desperately need skilled volunteers. Your expertise could make a significant difference in areas that align with your values.
  • Consider Philanthropy: If you are in a position to do so, supporting causes financially or starting a foundation can be a powerful way to contribute to what the world needs.
  • Connect with Like-minded Individuals: Building relationships with others who share your mission can amplify your efforts and create a supportive community.
  • Finding Joy in Contribution: The fulfillment of aligning with what the world needs goes beyond mere activity. It’s about making a difference, contributing positively to the community, and finding a profound sense of purpose.


Your encore years are not a closing chapter but an exciting beginning, filled with possibilities to align with what the world needs. Embracing this aspect of Ikigai invites you to tap into a broader sense of purpose, leveraging your skills, wisdom, and passions to make a tangible difference.

As a seasoned working woman, you possess a wealth of experience to channel into meaningful contributions. Whether through mentoring, volunteering, philanthropy, or simply advocating for change, you can leave a lasting legacy that resonates with your core values.

By focusing on what the world needs, you’re embracing a path that transcends personal fulfillment, reaching a shared goal of positive impact. It’s a journey filled with joy, connection and a deeper sense of purpose that can define and enrich your encore years. Embrace this beautiful opportunity to shape the world around you.

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