Awareness Of Change

You Can’t Change What You Can’t See

You want to be more focused at work so you can get more done.

So you go into the office with great intentions ready to knock out the work. Time passes and it gets to be 5:00, time to go home.

You leave the office frustrated because nothing changed. The pile of work on your desk is just as high as it was when you arrived. You didn’t bring in any new business. And then there’s that phone call you didn’t return. Not to mention your email inbox.

What Happened?

Change doesn’t happen just because you have good intention. You have to know 2 things:

  1. What do you want to change
  2. What do you want instead

If you want to be more focused do you know what it is that’s getting in the way? It’s not enough to just want to be more focused. You have to know what’s preventing that now.

What’s happening in the office that pulls you away from your work? Is the problem in you (ie, avoidance) or from an external source (ie, co-worker interruptions).

Once you know that, you need to clearly identify what you want. You want to come into the office and be able to get through the pile of work on your desk. You want to be able to return phone calls and respond to emails.

You want to be able to work with no interruptions. Maybe it’s as simple as letting people in the office know you’re unavailable for a certain period of time. Or simply close you door.

Change is possible when you know exactly what you’re changing!

Coaching Lesson:

There are many strategies for change. The bottom line, though, is you can’t change what you don’t know. Make sure you’re specific enough about what you want to change and then make a plan to make it happen. And give yourself plenty of space to make the change. Change also doesn’t usually happen fast. You’re creating new habits that become permanent with practice.

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