Leveraging What You’re Good At: A Guide For Women 59+ (Part 3 of 4)

The journey towards retirement or slowing down in business doesn’t have to mean leaving behind what you’ve built over the years. Your talents, skills, and what you’re good at can become the cornerstone of an enriching and fulfilling encore. We’ve already explored passion and mission. This blog post delves into the vocation element — recognizing and embracing what you’re good at.


Embracing Your Vocation:

Being a seasoned working woman, you’ve likely honed a unique set of skills and abilities. Here’s how you can align them with your next phase in life:

  • Identify Your Strengths: Take stock of what you’re naturally good at or have developed expertise in over the years. These skills are valuable assets that you can leverage in various ways.
  • Align with Your Interests: Consider how your skills align with your interests or passions. If you’ve always been good at mentoring, you might find fulfillment in coaching or consulting.
  • Share Your Knowledge: Your experience is a treasure trove that can benefit others. Teaching, writing, or speaking engagements can allow you to share what you’ve learned and continue to find purpose in your abilities.
  • Create a Legacy: Think about how your skills can continue to serve others, be it through volunteer work, community leadership, or supporting causes you believe in.
  • Stay Engaged and Flexible: The transition to retirement doesn’t mean ceasing all activity. Continue to engage with what you’re good at, but allow flexibility and leisure to enjoy life’s other pleasures.


Understanding what you’re good at in the Ikigai model offers a roadmap for working women entering their encore years. It’s not about retiring from something; it’s about retiring to something new and enriching.

Your skills and abilities, honed through years of experience, can become the foundation of a joyful and rewarding next chapter. Whether it’s mentoring the next generation, launching a purpose-driven initiative, or simply enjoying a hobby you excel at, your vocation can continue to bring fulfillment and purpose.

By recognizing and leveraging what you’re good at, you’re embracing an opportunity to live your encore years with joy, peace of heart, and a profound connection to what makes life meaningful. Now’s the time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished and explore how you can continue contributing in unique and rewarding ways. Enjoy this rich and empowering journey.

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