“No” Is A Complete Sentence

No is Enough.

How often do you answer “no” and then feel compelled to say more to explain yourself?

Let me remind you: No is a complete sentence. No explanation or justification is needed. If you mean no, just say it and stop.

Women seem to be more impacted than men on this one. We tend to say more than “no” to get people to understand our position. It’s as if when we don’t offer explanation we’ll be thought less of. That may be true for some people, but think about it: If somebody is going to think less of you because you simply answer no and say nothing else is that somebody you want to be spending time with?

Coaching Lesson:

“No” means “No”. Say it. Mean it. Move on.

If somebody needs more than that, bite your tongue. Then decide if you want to say any more.

You’re under no obligation to provide anything more than a “no” answer when that’s what you mean.

There’s so much more you can do to strengthen your communication.

Just remember, NO is a complete sentence.

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