Unretire: Your Encore Awaits

Traditionally, retirement is associated with an end, a finale to the vibrant song of your working life. However, retirement doesn’t signal a quiet fade-out for today’s accomplished women approaching this phase. Instead, it begins a thrilling “encore” performance, brimming with the promise of new adventures and meaningful pursuits. Here’s how to take the first steps to join the ranks of the unretired:


The Encore Mindset:

Encore refers to a repeated or additional performance, often in response to enthusiastic demand. As one of the unretired, your encore is an opportunity to take center stage and explore new roles. You get to use the wealth of experience you’ve accumulated in ways exciting to you.

Adopting an encore mindset transforms “retirement” as an end into “unretired” and a beginning. The shift opens the door to many possibilities: from delving into passions put aside during your career, to leveraging your business expertise, to giving back to your community, to embracing lifelong learning.


Passion Pursuits:

During your working years, you probably sideline personal interests to focus on career growth or raising your family. Being unretired is the perfect opportunity to revive your passions. Whether painting, gardening, photography, or learning a musical instrument, this encore period provides the time and space to immerse yourself in what you love, ultimately leading to a richer, more fulfilling encore life.


Community Involvement:

You’ve honed your skills, spent years working, and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Now is a perfect time to share. Join a local business group as a mentor, offer pro bono consulting for budding entrepreneurs, or volunteer with non-profit organizations that could benefit from your expertise. This involvement is a rewarding way to stay connected, continue making a difference, and experience the gratification of helping others succeed.


Lifelong Learning:

Being unretired doesn’t mean learning has to stop. Embrace the encore mindset by continuing to grow and expand your horizons. Learn a new language, take a course in a subject you’ve always found intriguing, or immerse yourself in the ever-evolving digital world. Not only will this stimulate your mind, but it will also help you stay relevant in an increasingly fast-paced world.


Entrepreneurial Ventures:

For some, retirement might mean stepping away from a demanding business life. However, being unretired means that if the entrepreneurial spark burns bright, consider starting a small venture that aligns with your interests and lifestyle: a small boutique, a consultancy, or a blog. Remember, this is your encore; it should be about enjoyment and fulfillment rather than high-stakes success.


Encore – A Celebration of Life:

As you become unretired and approach this encore phase, viewing it as a celebration rather than a cessation is important. This stage of life is an opportunity to exhibit your individuality, apply your expertise, and explore uncharted territories. It’s the culmination of your life’s work, the applause after a successful performance, and the anticipation of the next.


Being unretired is your well-earned standing ovation, but the show isn’t over yet. Your encore awaits, promising an exciting medley of new beginnings. Step into the spotlight and embrace this opportunity to redefine retirement, making it a time of empowerment, exploration, and exhilarating new adventures.

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