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a couple of weeks ago

Chopped in My Kitchen – Polenta

Inspired by Chopped on the Food NetworkPolenta? Really?So I’m really excited to start playing Chopped in my kitchen, right? I take my Foodie Dice and roll them for the first time. I have my first set of ingredients:ChickenOnionsKalePolentaCooking Method – BroilSeasoning – RosemaryNow What?I’m going to be honest here – I rolled the dice on […]

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Awareness of Change

You Can’t Change What You Can’t SeeYou want to be more focused at work so you can get more done. So you go into the office with great intentions ready to knock out the work. Time passes and it gets to be 5:00, time to go home. You leave the office frustrated because nothing changed. The pile […]

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The Habit of Saving Revisited

Habit of Saving for Fun and FutureSaving for anything seems to be a lost practice in the US. 57% of Americans have 0-$1000 in savings. That’s not a pretty picture. What if you have an emergency? Stuff happens all the time. What do you do and where do you go?You can make saving a habit. […]

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