Beware the Counterfeit Coach

Beware the Counterfeit Coach You’re at a party or a business networking event, or maybe you’re at church or standing in line at the grocery store, and you get into a conversation with another person. Inevitably the conversation comes around to, “So, what do you do?” How often have you […]

Mental Floss for Truth Decay

A Coach Will Clear Your Mind I’ve been sharing a lot about masterminds, business, and personal development. It’s time to share more about the root of many of the ideas and concepts in my writing. Coaching is what ties my work and my writing. Having been in the industry since […]

Business Etiquette – Where Has It Gone?

Business Etiquette – Common Sense? Business etiquette is critical if you expect to be taken seriously. I think it’s common sense but, apparently, common sense isn’t so common. Recently I’ve been experiencing (and hearing about) a lot of interaction (or lack thereof) with people who say they’re interested in a […]

Fight, Flight, or Flow?

Adrenaline Is A Killer Our world is becoming increasingly complex. The demands of balancing work, family, and time for ourselves are overwhelming. We rush through each day doing, accomplishing and performing – getting things done while adding to a growing list of what still needs to be done. Where does […]

Partner with a Friend – Yes or No?

Should My Friend Be My Business Partner? Over 30 years ago I was a CPA and exceedingly unhappy working in one of the “Big 8″ accounting firms in Las Vegas. I needed a change. A woman I knew asked me to go to lunch with her. Over lunch, we talked […]

Sin Boldly! Achieve Success

  Sin Boldly! Step up to the Line and Take Your Best Shot In many religions when you sin you’ve committed an unpardonable act. In fact, when you sin, you must repent in some way and ask forgiveness or suffer eternal damnation. This is usually frightening enough to force us […]

Success Defined … By You

How is Success Defined? By You! SUCCESS: You see it on motivational posters, hear it tossed around business meetings and coaching sessions, and read it in countless books. But what the heck does it mean?!? Here’s the tricky thing. You can go with the dictionary definition (the fact of getting […]

Are You a Good Fit for a Mastermind Group?

Mastermind Group – Is It Right for You? As much as we believe in the power of a mastermind and that it can benefit almost anybody, we’re also aware that a mastermind is not for everybody. Who is a Mastermind Group For? A mastermind group is a great tool for […]

Goals Done Right

Goals are Part of the Success Formula You’ve made the decision. Starting today, you’re going to set goals! Hooray! But wait… you’ve set goals before and what do you have to show for them? Fancy day planners covered with spider webs. If you truly want to make a change and […]

How a Mastermind Group Helps You

Benefits of a Mastermind Group are Many! How often do you find yourself stuck on a problem you just can’t figure out how to solve? Or looking for ideas for your next big money-making project? Or needing to just talk something through to get a reality check? Where do you […]