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Time Management is About You

Time Management Has Nothing to do with TimeI was looking through my previous posts for something on time management. Imagine that. In over 20 years of coaching, and with time management being one of the most common topics of conversation, still no writing about it. No matter who I spoke to through those years, though, time […]

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When is Your Peak Performance Time?

When Are You At Your Best?Each of us has a body rhythm. For some, energy is highest in the morning. For other’s, it’s at night. Few people have consistent energy throughout the day. In fact, I don’t know anybody for whom that’s true.Knowing when you’re at your best, your peak performance time means you can take […]

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Rules for Being a Good Partner

Rules for Being a Good PartnerDo you get a sense that being a good partner is not part of this game? Being a good partner seems like it would be easy. But, as with everything else involving people, it’s not. Personalities, egos, behavioral styles and more all come into play when we look at the […]

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The First 90 Days

The First 90 Days of 2018 Are Almost OverAre You Where You Want to Be?March 31st marks the close of the first 90 days of 2018. Where are you with all the plans you made and goals you set for the year? How many of those goals have you worked on and completed? For most people, […]

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Chopped in My Kitchen – Polenta

Inspired by Chopped on the Food NetworkPolenta? Really?So I’m really excited to start playing Chopped in my kitchen, right? I take my Foodie Dice and roll them for the first time. I have my first set of ingredients:ChickenOnionsKalePolentaCooking Method – BroilSeasoning – RosemaryNow What?I’m going to be honest here – I rolled the dice on […]

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