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Awareness of Change

You Can’t Change What You Can’t SeeYou want to be more focused at work so you can get more done.  So you go into the office with great intentions ready to knock out the work. Time passes and it gets to be 5:00, time to go home.  You leave the office frustrated because nothing changed. The pile […]

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The Habit of Saving Revisited

Habit of Saving for Fun and FutureSaving for anything seems to be a lost practice in the US. 57% of Americans have 0-$1000 in savings. That’s not a pretty picture. What if you have an emergency? Stuff happens all the time. What do you do and where do you go? You can make saving a habit. […]

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Eliminate Distractions You Create

You and Your DistractionsEliminate Distractions and Become a Bug-Free ZoneWe’ve talked about Step 1 in the process of eliminating distractions: What is distracting you and what type of distraction is it. You have the What’s Bugging You?  worksheet to help you with this step. We’ve been talking about Step 2 and creating strategies to eliminate distractions. […]

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Napoleon Hill on the Mastermind Principle

The Mastermind Principle Explained by Napoleon Hill Videos and recordings of Napoleon Hill talking about the Mastermind Alliance, as well as his other success principles, are easy to find on Youtube. Here’s one about the Mastermind Principle. Just over 5 minutes and you can hear about mastermind groups from the guy who brought them to […]

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Establish Boundaries to Eliminate Distractions with Other People

Tackling Distractions With Boundaries   Boundaries are the Strategy of Choice for Distractions Involving Other People People, whether we’re talking about others or ourselves, can be the most challenging types of distractions to eliminate. People are complicated, and it shows in our relationships. (Read the first and second posts about distractions if you haven’t yet […]

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